About Our Breeders

Riley's Reptiles began in 2010 with a simple interest in a pair of leopard geckos. The two leopard geckos needed a new home, and Riley was fast to adopt the two. He did tons of research on leopard geckos, and wanted to provide them with the proper habitat and make them happy. A few months later, Riley parted with one of the leopard geckos and gave him to a close friend who was in need of a companion.

A few months went by, and Riley decided to move from Washington to New Hampshire. He refused to leave his leopard gecko behind, so they made the long drive together, with his leopard gecko in the back seat.

Riley began working at a pet store shortly after moving to New Hampshire, and his interest in reptiles grew. A coworker introduced him to crested geckos, and Riley adopted one shortly thereafter. It wasn't long before Riley eyed another beautiful crested gecko and decided to bring her home too. The two crested geckos lived together happily. As they grew to be adults, Riley became interested in breeding both of his crested geckos, and purchased a beautiful male to add to the family. The geckos first produced eggs in March of 2013. Riley raised the babies and sold them to close friends and local pet shops.

In April of 2013, Riley met Jennifer at the pet shop they both worked at. She had an interest in snakes, specifically ball pythons, and soon fell in love with the crested geckos too. She currently breeds leopard geckos and ball pythons.

In January of 2014, Riley purchased another female to breed. The three ladies lived happily together with their male companion. The original leopard gecko is still alive and very happy in her enclosure.

In October of 2014, Riley and Jen created this website. They have officially opened their small business to the public, and welcome new and experienced reptile lovers. Riley is in charge of breeding, while Jen is in charge of raising the babies and making them hand friendly. The two work well together to breed and raise the young geckos before selling them.