This website is still under construction - we will be rolling out new features, such as the ability to purchase geckos online, very soon!

Riley's passion for geckos was born in 2010, when he adopted his first pair of leopard geckos. When he moved to New Hampshire and began working at a pet store, his interest grew. He adopted his first crested gecko (and then his second, and so on). He began breeding them, raising the babies and selling them to friends and local pet shops.

Jennifer met Riley at the pet shop where she also worked. She had an interest in snakes, specifically ball pythons, and soon fell in love with the crested geckos too. She currently breeds leopard geckos and ball pythons.

Riley and Jen have officially opened their small business to the public, and welcome new and experienced reptile lovers. Riley is in charge of breeding, while Jen is in charge of raising the babies and making them hand friendly. The two work well together to breed and raise the young geckos before selling them.